Kurtis Berg: Your Instructor

Kurtis Berg is your instructor at Fast Fingers. Here’s a little bit about his journey:

For some reason, by the time I was 5, I already knew I wanted to rock. It might have been that my dad played classic rock on the radio 24/7 for my entire childhood…but I think a love of music is just wired into your brain from birth. I’ll bet that if you’ve stumbled upon this page you also share a lifelong love of music! To me, there’s nothing as emotionally powerful as a great song.

In any case, 5 year old me was positive that guitar was in my destiny. The music studio near me told us that guitar is tough for really young kids though, so I waited not-so-patiently and finally had my first lesson the week I turned 10 – and I haven’t looked back since.

I took lessons in theory and playing for 8 years, and ended up teaching at that same studio. I eventually left for university to get a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, but I kept teaching on the side to help pay for school.

I performed wherever I could, and played in several bands over the years. I still play guitar daily, and still love it over a decade later!

After finishing my degree, I realized that music was my true passion, and started doing it full time.

Teaching guitar and running my YouTube channel  – 5 Minute Guitar Lessons  –is my full time gig these days, and I get to do what I love every day. It’s also great to be able to talk to other people who share the love of guitar.

Over time, I created the method that I teach in Fast Fingers Guitar Academy. So many people start guitar and then quit.

I quickly realized that the problem is not that guitar is too hard, it’s just that the traditional methods of teaching it really suck. My goal is to get every student who takes my courses to love the guitar, and come out confident and ready to play what they love – without spending ages on boring scales, songs, and useless information.

I’ve found that the single most important factor in keeping students motivated is to get them playing their favorite songs as quickly as possible

Chances are, you didn’t get that guitar so you could play boring exercises and music you don’t even know, right? So my goal is to get you playing your favorite songs (whatever they may be), as quickly as possible. And I’ve found that nearly every student who takes this approach makes it through the tough initial phases of learning guitar.

So take a look around, message me if you have any questions, and let’s learn some guitar!



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