Guitar 101: Play Ed Sheeran And The Chainsmokers In 10 Minutes!

Do you want to play guitar? Maybe you’ve tried to learn before but found it tough, annoying, and boring because you never played any songs you wanted to play…or had even heard of for that matter.

I think you’d rather learn by playing your favorite songs from day 1.

So read on, cuz I’m gonna get you playing 4 songs in the next 20 minutes – and learn a bunch about guitar in the process.

I’ll be teaching you some of my favorite songs in this tutorial:

  • Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

  • Closer by The Chainsmokers

  • Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

  • Attention by Charlie Puth

You don’t need any skills or knowledge for this tutorial. You’ll probably need a guitar though…it’s kinda hard to learn guitar without one.

So go grab your guitar right now and let’s get started!


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Shape of You  – Ed Sheeran

Okay, so let’s learn the basics of guitar with Shape Of You. This riff is played throughout basically the entire song, and was stuck in my head on repeat for weeks when it came out

Watch this video below to get started learning Shape Of You:

Wow, 5 minutes in and you’re already playing the main riff of Shape Of You!

You must be pretty talented or something.

Now, it was probably a little awkward, right? Don’t worry, that’s totally normal – everyone goes through that. Just play that one a few times a day and it’ll be smooth in no time.

But you don’t need to make that one perfect before moving on, it’s a lot easier to just get it half decent and then move on to the next riff (btw a riff is just an instrumental section on the guitar – like the riff we just played). now let’s try the main riff of Closer!

Closer – The Chainsmokers

Sure, it’s played by a keyboard in the actual song (well…more like a Macbook), but that doesn’t mean we can’t play it on guitar!

Great job! You’re 10 minutes into guitar lessons and can already play the main part of 2 great songs.

You’ve also learned about fretting notes, timing, and playing guitar riffs.

That marks the end of part 1 of this tutorial.

Now you’re thinking,

“This dude promised me 4 songs, but I’ve only learnt 2. Where’s Say You Won’t Let Go and Attention?!?! “

James Arthur and Charlie Puth are sipping tea, patiently awaiting your arrival on Pt. 2 of this tutorial. 

In part 2 we’ll build on what we learned here to do some really fancy fingering.

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